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Admission Procedure

General Information

FEA doctoral degree programmes entrance examinations usually take place twice a year:

  • At the end of spring semester (studies to begin in the autumn semester of the following academic year)
  • At the end of autumn semester (studies to begin in the spring semester of the current academic year).

The entrance tests are done in the on-site mode. International applicants who may enter and/or stay in the Czech Republic territory under visa requirement obligation or who cannot sit for the exam for this or another significant reason may apply for sitting for the entrance examination in a distance mode (i.e. based on written documents assessment – see Terms and Conditions of Admission to FEA’s Doctoral Degree Programmes, item 1.2).

Terms and Conditions of Admission to Studies

The conditions of the admission to FEA’s doctoral degree programmes are the following: properly completed Master‘s degree programme studies in an economics or relative field, filing an application with all requirements and successfully passed entrance examinations. The doctoral degree programme particular application requirements and the entrance examination content framework are specified in the Terms and Conditions of Admission to FEA’s Doctoral Degree Programmes approved by the FEA Academic Senate. For more informations about Recognition of Foreign Higher Education click here.

The decision of acception to / rejection from studies is under Faculty Dean‘s respon­sibility on the basis of the proposals given by the examination committee and the doctoral board. The doctoral board does / does not recommend the applicant for acception after having assessed the appropriate documents (see further) and the entrance examination results.

Admission fees

The doctoral studies admission fees are set to CZK 400,– per application.

The applicants are to pay the fee for each application submitted. The payment data for each e-application are generated by the system after the application has been completed. Payments are done through the Trade Centre. Fees for more than one application may be paid together in a single payment. The payment receipt shall not be sent to the Faculty but kept for any future use. The applicants missing at the entrance examination will not receive any fee remuneration.

Application filing due date

The admission procedure for Spring 2018 is announced here.

Entrance examinations information and date

The information of the entrance examination content for each doctoral degree programmes are available in the Terms and Conditions of Admission to FEA’s Doctoral Degree Programmes.

The entrance examination date within the next admission procedure: 30th January 2018

How to file an application

Application for studies requirements

Before you file an application for doctoral studies you need to choose the dissertation thesis topic in the list of topics open for the particular field of study (the actual dissertation thesis topic list is available here).

The application for DDP studies shall be submitted in electronic form. The applicants shall complete the electronic application with the following printed documents:

If the applicant requests an English language examination be credited the following shall be presented together with the Application Form for studies:

Warning: the DDP application is not considered submitted unless all required documents have been provided.

Admission procedure documents delivery instruction

All specified documents shall be sent in printed paper form together with the dispatch note to the Office for Academic Affairs, Research and Development and Doctoral Studies or delivered to the Faculty of Economics and Administration registry not later than on the last day of application filing due date period.

Postal address for sending printed application form and required documents:

Masaryk University Faculty of Economics and Administration
Office for Academic Affairs, Research and Development and Doctoral Studies
Lipová 41a
602 00 Brno
Czech Republic

From application filing to enrolment

Enrolment due date to 1st year – will be specified

For enrolment bring the following documents with you:

  • your national identification card or passport to prove identity
  • filled in an enrolment form (1st year enrolment form is available here)
  • an official copy of the university diploma (if not delivered before)
  • an undersigned form titled “1st Year Student Fire Protection and Occupational Safety Regulations Record” (as follows).

The law in force requires the newcoming students to learn the regulations concerning fire protection and occupational safety and health. To do so, proceed as follows: