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Exchange programmes

The majority of both incoming and outgoing students take advantage of one of the most popular and wide-spread mobility programme:
LLP – Erasmus. (For more information on Erasmus click on „Erasmus+“ on the left.)

Students whose home university does not have an Erasmus agreement with Masaryk University or students who have already done an exchange stay via Erasmus programme and cannot take advantage of it anymore – such students can arrange their study stays via other exchange programmes such as Erasmus Mundus Action II (EM2), Ceepus, Visegrad Fund, via university bilateral agreements or students can come as guest students (freemovers).

If your exchange stay is organised through Erasmus Mundus Action II (EM2) or university bilateral agreements, then you will find full information on the web page of Centre of International Cooperation – CIC, which is the administrator of such exchange programmes. You should be already selected by your university or by the programme itself to be able to apply. Should you have any questions, please contact directly the coordinators of the programme at CIC.

IF you want to come via Ceepus, IVF or as a freemover, click on the particular programme on the left.